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As part of our stakeholder engagement, we often have live consultations that we would like your views on. Below is a list of all our current consultations.

Have your say on our business plan for 2023-2028 (RII0-ED2)

We’re undertaking the largest engagement exercise with customers and stakeholders that we’ve ever done to ensure that our future plans are built on your needs.

Visit our dedicated website to have your say and fill in our latest surveys. You can also join our online community, and see the areas that have already been prioritised by customers and stakeholders for more in-depth engagement.

We have some huge decisions to make, fundamentally about the trade-offs between investment to improve our service and the cost of those improvements. We need your input on issues like the network, the environment and on customer service and bill impact.

If you want to know more about the process we’re following for our engagement, and what we’ve learned so far, you can see that here.

1.1.1 Improvements to the Common Network Asset Indies Methodology for use in RIIO-ED2

The Common Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM) has been developed by Ofgem and distribution network operators (DNOs) like us to illustrate the effects of the investments made on their networks when we change old plant, such as cables and overhead lines, for new ones. Introduced in 2017, the current methodology will operate until March 2023. The aim is to create a value of risk for assets before any work is done and a further value of risk after work is completed. The change in the risk values are a measure of the benefit we provide to our customers and stakeholders by upgrading our network. We have set targets to monitor risk change which demonstrates we are investing the money, which we receive from customers’ bills, as we intended we would.

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) are hosting a consultation for customers and stakeholders to provide their feedback on revised rules for assessing risk to our assets, and if required, the methodology will then be updated. As we move into the new price control period (RIIO-ED2) in April 2023, the updated methodology will support our RIIO ED2 business plan. The consultation is open until 29 September at 5pm and you can provide your feedback here.

Ofgem Sector Specific Methodology Consultation (SSMC)

Ofgem released their Sector Specific Methodology Consultation on Thursday 30th July. This consultation is critically important for determining the framework within which we will operate for RIIO-ED2 (2023 - 2028). The decisions made from this consultation will determine our regulatory priorities and how we deliver services to our customers and stakeholders across the North West.

The full consultation is very long so we’ve identified some of Ofgem’s questions that are most relevant and developed an online survey for you to use to provide responses. These questions are taken from the Sector Specific Methodology Consultation Overview and Annex 1, but feel free to review the other documents also if these are of interest to you.

The consultation will close on 1st October 2020 for responses direct to Ofgem. However, if you want us to consider your feedback in our response, we will need your input by 28th August at the latest.

The consultation consists of 5 parts:

If you do wish to respond directly to Ofgem we ask that you let us know by emailing Please also note that Ofgem will publish all responses on its website unless you specifically request them not to.

For more information about the consultation please visit the Ofgem website.

DSO strategy consultation

We recently invited our stakeholders to comment on our plans for the electricity network in the North West as part of the transition to net zero carbon.

Our three new documents describe the progress we have made and set out the next steps we are taking on the transition to ‘distribution system operation’ (DSO) – an industry-wide initiative to drive the changes needed to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions in the UK.

The consultation on the three documents – our ‘DSO strategy’, ‘Analysis of DSO functions’ and our ‘Grid digitalisation & data strategy’ – is now closed. Thank you for your input.

We will publish findings from the consultation and our updated strategy documents in November 2020.

In the meantime, you can review all three documents here. If you have any comments on the documents please contact us.

HM Treasury fundamental review of business rates: call for evidence

The government committed to conduct a fundamental review of business rates and published the terms of reference for the review at the Spring Budget.

This call for evidence seeks views on how the business rates system currently works, issues to be addressed, ideas for change and a number of alternative taxes.

This consultation is important to Electricity North West as it will highlight to the Government whether or not business rates are hindering the uptake of low carbon technologies such as solar panels.

To review the consultation and respond to the call to evidence please see the Government website.

The government would like stakeholders to provide responses relating to the multiplier and reliefs sections of the review, as well as any other areas of pressing concern, by 18th September. The government would welcome responses to all other sections by 31st October.

Inputs to 2020 DFES consultation

Our annual distribution future electricity scenarios (DFES) document details our view of the North West’s future electricity requirements, and outlines a range of scenarios which show how different influences can change demand and generation on our network.

We recently invited our customers and wider stakeholders to review and comment on the inputs we will use to create the forecasts for our 2020 DFES, outlined in the ‘Inputs to our 2020 DFES’ document. The consultation is now closed. We will share the findings from the consultation and publish an updated document later in 2020. Thank you for your input.

You can review the current document here.

Flexr: the energy data sharing service

We would like to invite you to participate in the Flexr consultation, a new core service that Electricity North West in partnership with other Distribution Network Operator's (DNOs) and ElectraLink will be bringing to the market.

The new service, called 'Flexr', will be a DNO data provision and standardisation service to facilitate the energy market transition. Flexr will enable and accelerate flexibility markets and platforms by enabling market participants to register for data access, allowing for the discovery of triaged information about DNO resources and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). Flexr will accelerate open platform participation and therefore accelerate the GB flexible energy market, ensuring secure and controlled open platform delivery.

We are currently working with Electralink in the development stage of Flexr and would love to hear your views and give you the opportunity to help us shape these plans here. Full details of the consultation have been provided below. Please note the closing date for the consultation is 29 May 2020.


flexr_consultation.pdf Download flexr_consultation.pdf

DNO and IDNO data exchange consultation Feburary 2020

The DNO and IDNO data exchange consultation lays out our plans for data sharing and further engagement between Electricity North West and the Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNO) operating within our area. Throughout the document we pose questions which we would like to encourage IDNOs to respond to as we all work together as the role of a network operator adapts for the future. 

The consultation document and the slides from our webinar held on 3 March 2020 can be found below.

We would love to hear your views on the DNO and IDNO data exchange consultation here. Please note the closing date for the consultation is 13 March 2020.


dno-and-idno-data-exchange-consultation-results-summary.pdf Download dno-and-idno-data-exchange-consultation-results-summary.pdf
dno-and-idno-data-exchange-consultation-february-2020.pdf Download dno-and-idno-data-exchange-consultation-february-2020.pdf
data-sharing-webinar-presentation.pdf Download data-sharing-webinar-presentation.pdf

Digital Strategy consultation 2020

Thank you to everyone who responded to our recent consultation on the need for modernisation of the energy network and markets that will support the drive for carbon neutrality by 2050. Our draft Digital Strategy takes us to the end of the RIIO-ED1 price control period and we were looking for your input to help shape our RIIO-ED2 plans.

The consultation is now closed and we are reviewing your responses alongside those from suppliers and analyst companies. Using the feedback we will compile a further draft and working with other utility companies aim to hold a series of webinars over the coming months to gain specific feedback please contact if you would like further information. We aim to publish the final strategy in summer 2020.

digital-strategy-consultation-v3.pdf Download digital-strategy-consultation-v3.pdf

Smart meter consultation

A smart meter has a remote display for inside your property. This is a new kind of electricity meter that gives you detailed information (on the digital display) about how much electricity you are using, in real time, and how much it is costing you in pounds and pence. These meters can be read remotely and can also automatically notify Electricity North West if there is a problem with your power supply. This allows you to receive more accurate bills and for Electricity North West to respond more quickly if there is a problem with the power to your property. We are holding a consultation to find out how our customers feel about us having access to the information that a smart meter provides so that we can provide a better service to you and your community. 

This survey has now closed. Thank you for taking the time to share your views.