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Key documents

Smart Street progress report no 719 June 2017 .pdf
Smart Street IET event13 April 2017 .pdf
Smart Street ECP interim report March 201731 March 2017 .pdf
Smart Street workshop slides28 February 2017 .pdf
Interim design and operation of interconnected LV networks study28 February 2017 .pdf
HV and LV voltage and configuration optimisation study20 February 2017 .pdf
Cost benefit assessment study20 February 2017 .pdf
Smart Street advertorial - E&T magazine, February 20179 February 2017 .pdf
Interim report on carbon accounting31 January 2017 .pdf
Smart Street progress report 619 December 2016 .pdf
MEEPs Workshop - Active Network Management and Real Time Control4 November 2016 .pdf
Smart Street summary factsheet13 October 2016 .pdf
Smart Street LCNI presentation 201612 October 2016 .pdf
Smart Street progress report 517 June 2016 .pdf
Smart Street presentation, UW Live, Birmingham17 May 2016 .pdf
Advertorial - E&T magazine, February 20169 February 2016 .pdf
Smart Street trial design and test regimes29 January 2016 .pdf
Smart Street commissioning and implementation report29 January 2016 .pdf
Smart Street equipment specification and installation report29 January 2016 .pdf
Smart Street progress report 418 December 2015 .pdf
Smart Street LCNI conference 2015 presentation25 November 2015 .pdf
Smart Street supplier letter17 November 2015 .pdf
Smart Street learning event (print)13 October 2015 .pdf
Contact centre briefing (print)23 July 2015 .pdf
LV network management protocols24 June 2015 .pdf
Smart Street progress report 312 June 2015 .pdf
Advertorial - E&T magazine, June 20159 June 2015 .pdf
Smart Street webinar slides Apr 2015 (print)30 April 2015 .pdf
Technology installation customer letter6 January 2015 .pdf
Smart Street ECP interim report20 December 2014 .pdf
Smart Street progress report 218 December 2014 .pdf
Smart Street customer leaflet survey31 October 2014 .pdf
Smart Street LCNI conference 2014 presentation21 October 2014 .pdf
Engaged customer panel lessons learned23 October 2014 .pdf
Smart Street customer leaflet24 October 2014 .pdf
Smart Street network design methodology31 July 2014 .pdf
First Smart Street webinar slides (print)31 July 2014 .pdf
Smart Street site selection methodology 31 July 2014 .pdf
Advertorial - E&T magazine, July 20148 July 2014 .pdf
Customer engagement plan26 June 2014 .pdf
Data privacy statement26 June 2014 .pdf
Smart Street progress report 119 June 2014 .pdf
Project partner event May 201413 May 2014 .pdf
Low Carbon Network Fund submission document30 November 2013 .pdf