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During stakeholder engagement, we built on relationships with existing stakeholders and developed positive relationships with a diverse range of new stakeholders from diverse sectors.

During this engagement we were delighted to receive positive feedback and endorsement of our proposals across a wide range of topic areas – from our drive to develop innovative solutions (University of Manchester) to our activities to reduce metal theft (from the Police force) we’ve received formal endorsement from some key expert stakeholders on our approach to dealing with them and how we operate.

Here are a few examples...

Siemens works closely with the distribution network companies as part of the Low Carbon Networks Fund. In doing so we observe that innovation is approached differently by each of the network companies; with Electricity North West innovation is more innate.

Kevin Tutton

UK Divisional Lead – Smart Grid


“Electricity North West has been closely involved in driving innovation, both in their own right and in partnership with other Distribution network Operators nationally. In all cases, Electricity North West has demonstrated its commitment to develop and implement solutions which benefit the company, their consumers and the industry as a whole.”

Robert Davis

Chief Executive Officer

EA Technology

“Our working relationship with Electricity Northwest has been extremely rewarding and we have been impressed by their professionalism and their willingness to do whatever it takes to successfully complete a project. Communications, advice, publicity and training have all been given freely and as such we are better equipped and better informed in our everyday work.”

Rose Wolfe

Assistant Manager

Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty