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Investing for the future

Part of our role as network operator is to plan for the future. Over the next 25 years we face the challenge of making the transition to a low carbon economy. To meet government carbon reduction targets we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels like gas and petrol and change to renewable sources. As a result the demand for electricity in the UK is expected to increase significantly.

As well as meeting additional demand as we start to use more electric heat pumps and electric vehicles we also need to adapt so that low carbon generation sources such as wind and solar power can connect directly to our network.

Here at Electricity North West we are preparing for the future in a number of ways:

  • We are striving to improve how we manage our network with new research, innovation and technology
  • We are developing ‘smart grid’ technologies to enable us to intelligently manage our network and match supply with demand in the best way possible
  • We are developing innovative new contracts to benefit our low carbon customers
  • We are continually taking steps to reduce energy usage and encourage our customers to use electricity more efficiently.

Strategy and investment

Our Strategic Direction Statement sets out how we believe our network will develop to 2050, including information on smart grids and the role of network operators.

Our Innovation Strategy describes how innovation plays an important role in helping Electricity North West deliver a responsive and sustainable business for the millions of customers who depend on us every day.

LCNI conference 2016

The 2016 Low Carbon Networks & Innovation Conference took place on 11 – 13 October at Manchester Central and was co-hosted by Electricity North West. Watch our conference video and view our presentation materials here.


Our CLASS project looks at ways of maximising the use of our existing network but with new innovative techniques to control voltage.

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Smart Street

By combining innovative technology with existing assets, Smart Street aims to make our networks and customers' appliances perform more efficiently and make it easier to adopt low carbon technologies onto our network.

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Respond will deliver an intelligent approach to managing fault current - the instantaneous surge of energy which occurs under fault conditions.

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Power Saver Challenge

Working with more than 1,000 homes and businesses in Stockport, the Power Saver Challenge was a trial to help reduce electricity usage, lower energy bills and reduce pressure on the local network.

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Celsius will deliver a co-ordinated approach to managing the temperature of electrical assets in distribution substations. This will release additional capacity, reduce long-term costs for customers and avoid early asset replacement.

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Smart meters

Between 2015 and 2020, 53 million smart electricity and gas meters will be installed in over 26 million households across Wales, Scotland and England. Find out about how we're involved with the national rollout of smart meters.

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