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Guaranteed standards of service

Guaranteed standards: 2015-2016

Guaranteed Standard



EGS1 Respond to main fuse failure at customer's premises


If notified between 7 am and 7 pm - visit within 3 hours


If notified between 9 am and 5 pm - visit within 4 hours


EGS2 Restore supply after a fault: During normal weather

Restore supply within 12 hours

£75 for domestic

£150 for non-domestic

and for each succeeding 12 hours:

£35 for domestic/non-domestic

During severe weather

Requirements vary depending on the
type of severe weather event. Details
are contained in Regulation 7 of the
Standards of Performance document
here for details).

£70 for domestic and non-domestic

and for each succeeding 12 hours:

£70 for domestic and for non-domestic

The maximum payment can be £700

EGS2a Multiple number of interruptions per year

Consumer entitled to a payment after 4 interruptions of more than 3 hours in 1 year from 1 April

£75 for domestic / non-domestic

EGS2b Restore supply after a fault during normal weather affecting 5,000 customers or more

Restore supply within 24 hours

£75 for domestic

£150 for non-domestic

and for each succeeding 12 hours:

£35 for domestic / non-domestic

EGS2c Rota Disconnections-Interruptions to supply on a rota basis

No more than 24 hours off supply during period covered by rota disconnection event

£54 for domestic

£108 for non-domestic

EGS4 Notice of planned supply interuption

Minimum of 2 days notice to be given or 5 days to an Independent Network

£30 for domestic

£60 for non domestic

EGS5 Respond to voltage complaints

Visit within 7 working days or substantive reply within 5 working days


EGS8 Make and keep appointment

A morning or afternoon appointment or a timed appointment if requested by consumer


EGS9 Notify customer of payment owed

Write to the consumer and make payment within 10 working days



The Standards of Performance (Notice of rights) document  lists the guaranteed and overall standards of performance for all the electricity distribution companies in England, Scotland and Wales.

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