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The Respond trials

The technical solutions to be trialled in Respond are deployed in Electricity North West substations as follows:

  • Adaptive Protection: Five installations on 11kV and 6.6kV high voltage (HV) substations and two installations on 33kV extra high voltage (EHV) substations 
  • IS-limiters at two HV substations
  • Outram fault level monitors installed at seven Respond sites to validate our network model and the Fault Level Assessment Tool.
The methodology for selecting the installations ensured a representative sample of substations covering a mix of substation ages, relay types, type of distribution ring main units (RMUs) on the HV networks and configuration of equipment. It also considered the known fault history and the likelihood of a fault level issue arising in the future. This approach will ensure the trial results are representative of the GB population and facilitate the take-up of the learning from Respond. 

Step 1: Initial screening
Considering our full portfolio of EHV and HV substations, preference was given to those assets identified as having fault level issues either now or at some future date. 

Step 2: Substation classification
Substations were classified according to the following criteria:

  • Voltage levels ie 6.6kV, 11kV and 33kV
  • Existing or potential future fault level issues
  • Fault history of outgoing circuits
  • Age of substation switchgear and protection relays
  • Physical constraints.
Step 3: Refine selection and peer review
For meaningful results, primary substations were selected to best demonstrate the project benefits. In project delivery the preliminary selection will be investigated in more detail to ensure they are suitable to install the techniques and to check that no issues have arisen to prevent deployment. Our technical consultants on this project, PB Power, have provided a peer review of our site selection methodology and outputs.

During the project trials we need to validate every fault that occurs and ensure that the Respond installations have operated correctly. The map below shows where the various technologies are installed on our network and the number of times a fault has occurred and the technology has operated during the trial period.

Reports on each of the faults that have occurred can be found on the 'What we have learned' pages of our website.


Respond trial sites