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Power / Supply Issues

  • Q

    I have a power-cut! What do I do?

  • Q

    Why do my neighbours have electricity, but I don't?

  • Q

    Everyone in my street has no power!

  • Q

    Why have you turned my electricity off?

  • Q

    Is there anything I can do during a power cut?

Planned Supply Interruptions

When we're planning a supply interruption, often for maintenance, we take a lot of care to try and cause as little disruption to supplies as possible. However, in order to maintain a safe and effective network, sometimes we have no choice but to remove supplies in order to carry out essential work.

If you are to be involved in a planned supply interruption we will inform you of this with at least 48 hours prior notice.

If you believe you are involved in a planned shutdown, and have not been informed. Please contact us on 0800 195 4141.

  • Q

    Can I make a claim for my loss of supply?

  • Q

    Can you give me any advice for preparing for a power cut?

Who is responsible for certain electrical equipment?

  • Q

    I'm confused. Who is responsible for what?

  • Q

    I have an internal fault in my property [the trip switch keeps on activating] can you fix this?

For further information and advice on dealing with power cuts, click here.

What happens when I have a power cut?

Need further support?

We appreciate that some customers have additional requirements and may have circumstances where a priority service is needed for a variety of reasons.

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Knowledge centre

Find answers to questions about Electricity North West, including details on electricity connections, power cuts and general enquiries.

Check out frequently asked questions and our user guides.

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Major incident

Engineers are working to restore power to properties after severe flooding in Lancashire and Rochdale.

We are doing everything we can to restore power and we'll update you regularly on our news section and TwitterFor emergencies, please call us on 0800 195 4141.