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Safety and security of supplies enquiry service

We are required to establish, operate and maintain an enquiry service for customers to obtain information, guidance or advice about any matter or incident that relates to their supply of electricity or any incident that requires urgent attention. The statement approved by Ofgem provides full details of the service provided.



July 2010


1.1 This statement describes the enquiry service available to any person for the purposes of receiving reports and offering information, guidance or advice about any matter or incident that does, or is likely to

  • cause danger or require urgent attention in relation to the supply or distribution of electricity from Electricity North West Limited’s distribution system; or
  • affect the maintenance of the security, availability and quality of service of Electricity North West Limited’s distribution system.

Enquiry Service

1.2 Electricity North West Limited operates an Enquiry Service in accordance with Condition 8 (1) of our Distribution licence. This service is continuously staffed and can be contacted by any person 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Reports made by post or in person should be restricted to events of a non-urgent nature. You can contact by telephone on 0800 1954141

1.3 This number and all other contact details are published on this website, in relevant local telephone directories under “Electricity” and on relevant literature we send to the customer. Calls are monitored to ensure customers are receiving a prompt and efficient service.

1.4 In the case of more widespread emergencies (for example following severe storms) automatic answering facilities may be used to keep customers up to date with developments.

1.5 By post or in person during normal working hours at

Electricity North West Customer Relations
PO Box 218

1.6 This address is published in local telephone directories under “Electricity” and on relevant literature we send to the customer. Personal callers will be offered a free telephone line to contact the service and provide their report.

All reports and enquires received in accordance with this statement will be processed in a prompt and efficient manner, and in accordance with any relevant guaranteed and overall standards of service, set from time to time by the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (GEMA) whether made by telephone, in writing or in person.

If any licensed electricity supplier elects to provide its customers with an address and telephone number which differs from those given in 1.6 and 1.3 above for thereporting of such matters, that supplier is responsible for ensuring that full details of all reports are passed promptly to Electricity North West Limited. Standards of service provided will be measured from the time at which reports are received by Electricity North West Limited.

In addition to receiving reports concerning the electricity distribution system, the service may be used to enquire about the likely extent or duration of supply emergencies. Every effort will be made to provide precise and up to date information. However, if such emergencies are widespread this may not be possible and customers may be referred to other sources, including local radio, for periodic updates.

Enquiry service staff are trained to provide non-technical advice for the avoidance of danger from the distribution system and from loss of supply. They have the necessary skills in communication and customer contact but may be assisted by other non-technical staff during widespread emergencies. If technical advice or assistance is required, the enquiry will be passed to an appropriate specialist.

Electricity North West Limited will deal with all reports and enquiries strictly on their merits and will not discriminate in the provision of the service or use the contact to promote any other business

The reporting arrangements set out above are made available to other utilities, local authorities and the emergency services. Appropriate liaison arrangements with these and other representative bodies are in place and are reviewed annually to ensure effective communications are maintained.

1.8 Electricity North West Limited shall, in so far as is practicable, take steps to inform each of its customers, and each Authorised Electricity Operator which uses the service, of any change to the address or telephone number of the service established in accordance with paragraph 1 above prior to such change becoming effective.

1.9 A copy of this statement will be provided free of charge to any person requesting one.

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