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If you are undertaking a project which may affect our existing equipment i.e. underground cables, overhead lines, substations you may need to apply to divert our equipment, commonly referred to as an "Asset Diversion".

Before you start a development or construction project, you should always review the utility services and other equipment that is located on the proposed site, such as substations, cabinets and overhead lines. You should also be aware that underground cables and ducts could be affected by your work.

These pages also relate to cross-sector infrastructure where a diversion to our network is required to allow another party to install assets in close proximity. 

We have developed this guidance in accordance with the UK Regulators Network recommendations for the publication of an access statement and we welcome your feedback on any further information that you would like to see included in future revisions.

ENWL Cross Infrastructure Report 2016

Please do not take chances and read through our guidance notes carefully before starting work on site.

  • Diversion

    If you know that our equipment is likely to be affected by your works, you will need apply for a diversion. You need to ensure that you allow sufficient time for us to design a solution and provide you with a cost estimate for diverting our equipment. Please do not leave it until you have started on site, it will be too late.

    It will take us between 20 and 35 working days from receipt of your enquiry to provide you with a design solution. For more complex schemes, we may need more time to complete the design, but we will always keep you informed of the progress of your enquiry.

    In general, we can arrange for the works to be started within 3 months of acceptance. This allows us time to arrange the appropriate materials and labour resources, but also allows us to comply with the restrictions for working in public highways.

    Depending on the type of equipment, it can take many months to arrange for the work to be carried out. For example, certain 33kV & 132kV cables require up to 12 months notice in order that specialist materials can be ordered and a suitable outage date can be arranged.

    Our commitment to you...

    If we can work together to avoid the need for diversion, this is our favoured solution. However, we must consider the safety of you and your contractors and also consider the future maintenance and connection requirements of our network

    We will always try to give you our best advice and work with you to ensure your budget and program impact is kept to a minimum.

  • Do you know what lies below?

    BeforeUDig allows you to request copies of our electricity network plans online, from our geographic information system. You will receive them via email and can access them 24 hours a day.

    If you are aware that any of our equipment is likely to be affected by your works, you will need to ensure that you allow sufficient time for us to design a solution and provide you with a cost estimate for diverting our equipment. Please do not leave it until you have started on site, it may be too late. For further information, please click here.

  • How to apply

    Developer, commercial business or private party (general diversions enquiry):

    Step 1 - Send a copy of the following information to us via email or post (see contact details right).

    • Your name, correspondence address and other contact details including site address and postcode, if different
    • A layout plan showing the location of your works and the extent of your project    (In CAD format, if possible)
    • Details of any third party land agreements that may impact our proposed diversion
    • Any ".dwg" drawings that you may have to enable us to superimpose your site plans onto our asset records to assess which assets need to be diverted
    • An outline of your proposed program of works and if possible, an indication of

      when you need us to complete our work

    Step 2 - We will process your application and make sure all the information we have received is complete. Our design engineer will contact you to discuss your requirements and provide you with a cost estimate, which is valid for 180 days.

    Step 3 - To progress your application, you will need to accept the quotation and make payment (via cheque or BACs).

    Please note, an incomplete acceptance will mean that your payment is not processed and may cause delays to your diversion.

    Local authority, transport authority or other statutory body:

    If you are a local authority, transport authority or statutory body, please follow the guidance in the Code of Practice* “Measures Necessary Where Apparatus Is Affected By Major Works (Diversionary Works)” section as outlined in the New road & street works act 1991.

    *Diversionary Works Code of Practice - not obtainable electronically but available from TSO as ‘Measures Necessary Where Apparatus is Affected By Major Works (Diversionary Works) A Code of Practice June 1992 (ISBN 0 11 551149 0).

    If you have any problems or would like to speak to a member of our team, please contact us at any stage (see right)

    Useful information links:

  • Other services


    Our Diversions team deals with substation disconnections only. For all other disconnections, you will need to follow a different process. Click here to find out more.

    Service alteration

    Our diversions team does not deal with domestic property diversions. This is known as a service alteration. To apply for a service alteration, please click here.

    Cable identification

    If you expose an underground cable, you must always assume that the cable is LIVE unless it has been proved dead.

    Please call us on 0800 195 4141 and we will send a team to you to establish the status of the cable and advise you on the best course of action.(Please be aware that this service may be chargeable in some circumstances)

    These calls are treated as high priority, but not as emergencies. We will get to you as soon as possible, but please be aware that unsafe situations and customers who are without power will always take preference.

    Asset damage

    If you have already started work and suspect you may have damaged an underground cable or damaged an overhead line, we will treat this as an emergency.(Please be aware that this service may be chargeable in some circumstances)

    Please call 0800 195 4141 (Option 1) and report an incident to our team. For more information about how we deal with asset damage, please click here.

  • Land Rights

    Where our equipment (overhead lines, underground cables and plant) is installed on or under private land, land rights will be in place to provide an appropriate level of security for our assets. There are various types of land right but in all cases we will either have contractual or statutory protection for our assets.

    If you obtain planning permission to develop land on which our assets are installed and you are unable to carry out all or part of your development plans due to the proximity of our assets we will work with you to develop a solution and if necessary we will divert our assets to facilitate your development. Our diversions team will provide you with a quote for the cost of this work and work with you to avoid any delays to your proposals.

    In most cases, the best time to carry out the diversion is after you have obtained planning permission so that, if appropriate, we can incorporate our diversion with your development proposals. In these cases we would be happy to replace the land rights for the exiting assets with equivalent land rights for the diverted ones.

    We would not normally divert any equipment that did not directly interfere with the implementation of any development proposals or where development proposals have not been sufficiently progressed. However we will look into each case on its merits and provide you with a quote for the work if necessary.

    If you would like to make further enquiries or request a quote please contact our diversions team in the first instance on 0800 195 4141 or e-mail us using the link provided.

  • Case studies

    This part of the site is under development

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