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Key documents

CLASS summary factsheet13 October 2016 .pdf
CLASS LCNI presentation 201613 October 2016 .pdf
CLASS extension - addendum to closedown report31 May 2016 .pdf
Assessing the impact of CLASS on the GB electricity market31 May 2016 .pdf
CLASS CBA tool31 May 2016 .xlsm
CLASS post event feedback survey results April 201627 April 2016 .pdf
CLASS event April 201627 April 2016 .pdf
CLASS webinar February 201625 February 2016 .pdf
CLASS DNO briefing17 December 2015 .pdf
CLASS LCNI conference slides 201526 November 2015 .pdf
CLASS change decision letter12 November 2015 .pdf
CLASS closedown report30 September 2015 .pdf
Carbon impact assessment final report29 September 2015 .pdf
Offline demand response capability assessment final report23 September 2015 .pdf
Closedown event10 September 2015 .pdf
Post event feedback survey results10 September 2015 .pdf
Changing Standards closedown report31 August 2015 .pdf
Asset health final report31 August 2015 .pdf
Load profiling modelling study final report31 August 2015 .pdf
Reactive power absorption capability assessment final report28 August 2015 .pdf
Customer survey report31 July 2015 .pdf
CLASS workshop9 July 2015 .pdf
CLASS dashboard8 July 2015 .pdf
SQSS and code review29 June 2015 .pdf
Project progress report June 201521 June 2015 .pdf
Customer survey summary report18 June 2015 .pdf
Customer survey report peer review4 June 2015 .pdf
Third CLASS webinar slides26 March 2015 .pdf
Load profiling modelling study interim report30 January 2015 .pdf
Offline demand response and reactive power capability interim report30 January 2015 .pdf
Asset health interim report30 January 2015 .pdf
Project progress report December 201422 December 2014 .pdf
LCNI exhibition panel22 October 2014 .pdf
CLASS LCNI factsheet22 October 2014 .pdf
Capability report for trial scenarios15 September 2014 .pdf
Second CLASS webinar slides27 June 2014 .pdf
Project progress report June 201423 June 2014 .pdf
Survey consent letter27 May 2014 .pdf
Frequently asked questions - household customers27 May 2014 .pdf
Frequently asked questions - business customers27 May 2014 .pdf
CLASS event slides April 201430 April 2014 .pdf
CLASS glossary30 April 2014 .pdf
ICCP report22 April 2014 .pdf
Commissioning report19 April 2014 .pdf
Engaged customer panel summary report30 March 2014 .pdf
Voltage regulation scheme27 February 2014 .pdf
CLASS surveys frequently asked questions17 February 2014 .pdf
CLASS trial circuits5 February 2014 .xlsx
CLASS knowledge sharing event overview5 February 2014 .pdf
CLASS supplier letter31 January 2014 .pdf