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Technology implementation and effectiveness

As part of the C2C trial we examined the benefits of an alternative operating model for existing EHV and HV networks which were enhanced with modern network automation functionality. Specifically at HV, C2C closes the NOP between two adjacent HV circuits to form a closed HV ring which in general releases the inherent ‘capacity to customers’. We retrofitted existing infrastructure with low cost proven remote control at key locations on the ring. This equipment allowed us to reconfigure the network in the event of a fault to allow us to rapidly re-energise customers’ supplies and minimise the need to activate demand and/or generation side response contracts. This capability not only reduced the incidence of DSR contract use but improved acceptability of C2C for all customers.

We tested the effectiveness of the technology by installing monitoring equipment on the trial circuits and taking real time data from the network. This allowed us to monitor the actual performance and informed a series of network simulations and modelling exercises.

The fault management system architecture and process that we designed and embedded was effective during the trial. We successfully demonstrated automatic network segregation and fault sectionalising for faults occurring on trial networks. We also showed that C2C has the ability to prioritise and restore multiple managed customers through a detailed testing schedule. The direct real time management of customer loads during the trial was successfully proven through a suite of automation solutions comprising various types of SCADA and through a range of EHV/HV/LV switches or moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB). These enabled us to control either all or part of a customer’s load in accordance with the managed connection agreement. 

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A detailed description of the sequence of events that occurred in the event of a fault outage on any of the relevant network assets during the C2C trials. 

Description of the design for the implementation of the adaptive network control functionality required to release additional capacity on C2C trial circuits.

This report describes the methodology for the selection of circuits to run as closed / open rings and radials in the C2C trial.


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