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Get involved

(Please note the Capacity to Customers trial is now complete)


Take part in our trial

In April 2013 we began trialling C2C on around 10% of our network which will potentially involve 1,270 business customers. Click here to find out where the trial took place.

Incentives and cash rewards

We aim to offer incentives in the form of reduced connection charges or direct payments to trial participants in exchange for providing delayed restoration in the event of a power cut or other abnormal occurrences on our HV network.

All other customers who are connected to a trial circuit are unlikely to notice a change to the quality and reliability of their electricity supply. The difference is that, with their agreement, we will change the process for restoring supply to a C2C customer following a power cut.

The entire extra high voltage (EHV) system is part of the trial so if you are supplied via the 33kV network and are interested in taking part: please contact us.

Commercial and technical arrangements

If you are interested in taking part in the trial we will provide you with all the information you need including background, objectives, timelines and the benefits of taking part. We will also discuss the commercial and technical arrangements with you in more detail. To find out see our guide on becoming a trial participant.

Already a customer?

If you are an existing business customer in the trial area you have the opportunity to opt into a ‘demand response’ contract in return for payments from Electricity North West.

So why not get involved. You could be reducing costs to your business, helping the environment and contributing towards the future of the North West.

Need to increase your demand?

Be flexible and reduce your connection costs

If you are a business customer seeking a new connection to the network, there may be reinforcement costs associated with your request. This means that we need to reinforce the network to carry the extra load of your new electricity demand.

If you are a business customer in the C2C trial area we will provide two options for your new connection:

  • standard connection offer which includes costs to reinforce the network
  • C2C connection offer which waives reinforcement costs in return for your agreement to a ‘demand response’ contract

This will allow you to compare and contrast the two options and the associated cost/savings to your business.

Looking for a new connection or additional load?

Let us do all the hard work

The first step is to submit your application to us. If you are eligible, we will get in touch with you and provide you with some further information on C2C. Our customer relationship manager will then contact you and arrange to hand deliver your quotation.

To find out more about the C2C connections process see our easy to follow connections guide.