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High energy users

With a C2C contract, your power supply will be as reliable as usual. We would ensure that power for your essential uses is restored as soon as possible. Whereas the restoration of your non-essential power would be delayed for a pre-arranged period of time – for example two hours instead of one.

That’s where you could save money. You could also avoid some of the costs for a new connection to the network by signing up to this type of flexible contract. The more flexible you can be, the greater the savings for your business. For more information on our process for applying for a C2C connection click here.

You could obtain real financial benefits for your business by being flexible with your electricity demand following a fault on the network. This will help us when we need to use our emergency capacity.

Faults or power cuts are very infrequent. You may experience one once every three years. When this happens, your power is usually restored within an hour. Your business may need power to be restored as quickly as possible for some essential uses such as lighting and tills.

But there may be other uses of electricity which are not as essential to your business, such as air conditioning.

Click here for  more information on our C2C trial  circuits.