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Our partners

GE Energy

GE Energy is one of the world's leading suppliers of power generation and energy delivery technologies and has extensive experience gathered from implementing energy network management systems. Its UK footprint controls 90% of transmission and distribution networks. GE Energy offers a suite of services and products across the smart grid including hardware and software solutions. As a truly global company GE Energy can draw from experience and knowledge acquired in projects from around the world.

Role on project: To act as lead technology provider and supply a network management capability, integrated into our current operating environment. GE Energy will also provide project management and implementation services and help us to design and develop required interfaces to existing systems.

Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB) Ltd

PB is experienced in all aspects of power generation, transmission and distribution, and has particular expertise in the regulatory and restructuring aspects of the industry.

PB was the project manager for consortium bid to DTI/TSB on ‘A Novel Smart Grid Solution for Active Management of Distributed Generators using Real-time Thermal Ratings'. They then project-managed the consortium and provided engineering support to Scottish Power. This was a 3.5 year project which was successfully completed, and won a 2010 IET innovation award. PB has also worked extensively with us on system planning, connections and network design.

Role on project: Responsible for engineering planning and design and ensuring the network operating techniques developed in the C2C project are transferable to other distribution network operators (DNOs). PB will provide design resource and support on connections activity and develop a series of recommendations to the industry for the development of standards which will be delivered through industry workshops.


Flexitricity developed and owns and operates the UK's largest advanced smart grid system. They provide demand response to utility clients by aggregating flexible consumption and generation at industrial and commercial sites.

Flexitricity has supplied demand response by aggregation to National Grid for three years, and was the first company to do this on an open-market basis. Flexitricity is a delivery partner for one of last year's successful Low Carbon Network Fund tier two projects, where industrial and commercial demand response will be tested mainly in pre-fault scenarios.

Role on project: To provide a post-fault demand response service at industrial and commercial sites in Electricity North West's area including: assessment of demand response potential; installation of metering and load control equipment; management of customer participation; and demand response dispatch and settlement.


EnerNOC develops and provides energy solutions to institutional, and industrial and commercial customers, as well as electric power grid operators and utilities.

EnerNOC participated in our first Low Carbon Network Fund bid, offering a combined demand response/energy efficiency service to a number of our customers in the Corridor Manchester. In addition, EnerNOC helped to develop and is currently a part of one of last year's successful Low Carbon Network Fund tier two projects.

Role on project: as Flexitricity.


npower is a leading integrated UK energy company with experience in demand response market. They are a commercial aggregation service provider to National Grid. They hold a strategic partnership with Flexitricity delivering SmartSTOR solutions to businesses.

Role on project: npower will support the work of EnerNoc and Flexitricity in identifying customer groups and segmentation activities as well as in the development of new commercial arrangements.

National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET)

NGET owns and operates the National Grid high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales.

NGET has been actively in the Low Carbon Network Fund for the last two years. They were project partners on a number of winning bids in the first round of funding and are playing an active role in a number of this year's submissions. NGET aids development of a number of electricity industry codes.

Role on project: To actively contribute to the discussions on the redrafting of ER P2/6 and/or development distribution SQSS equivalent. NGET will input into the development of the conclusions and dissemination of the findings on the demand side response customer survey and customer participation.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester has a high quality research profile and is counted among the leading universities in the world. It is home to one of the UK's leading schools of electrical and electronic engineering for teaching and research.

Its electrical energy and power systems group has expertise in power system analysis, dynamics, power quality, and economics as well as specialist skills in power system protection and power system plant (utilising the largest university HV lab in the UK). The university’s well-respected Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research will support our carbon impact assessment work.

Role on project: To use the data generated by the University of Strathclyde to assess the capacity that can be released through the closure of an open point in conjunction with management contracts; informing an assessment of the carbon benefits of the project; and informing the development of an economic model for the project.

University of Strathclyde

The latest UK Government's Research Assessment Exercise affirmed the University of Strathclyde's status for ‘world-leading and internationally excellent’ research, rating it first in Scotland and third in the UK. The university has Europe's first research centre dedicated to the development of 'smart' technologies.

Strathclyde has been involved in a number of relevant EPSRC Supergen programmes including: Supergen I, III and V: future network technologies, highly distributed power systems, energy storage; wind energy technologies.

Role on project: To develop network models which are based on known network data using the data being generated by the monitoring equipment in the trials. The network models will be used to run a range of studies consisting primarily of power flow incorporating losses, fault and harmonic analysis

Impact Research

Impact Research is a full service quantitative and qualitative market research agency with extensive research expertise in measuring customer priorities. The agency understands customer attitudes and behaviour and the implications for its clients. Impact has experience in running projects covering a range of disciplines, from new product development to customer satisfaction tracking and segmentation analysis.

Role on project: To support customer engagement on the C2C project. Impact will carry out face to face interviews with trial customers and devise and carry out a detailed survey to understand and measure the behaviour, attitudes and satisfaction of potential C2C customers.