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Key documents

This section contains a number of documents which provide detailed background information on the C2C project including our project submission to our regulator, Ofgem, and our approach to customer engagement. 

C2C simulation report30 April 2013 .pdf
Knowledge sharing event (print version)17 April 2013 .pdf
C2C event 17 April 201317 April 2013 .pdf
C2C remote control installation April 20132 April 2013 .pdf
C2C customer mailing31 March 2013 .pdf
Trade publication - C2C project update, E&T magazine14 March 2013 .pdf
Engaged customer panel report28 March 2013 .pdf
Trade publication - C2C Commercial Templates, Utility Week magazine25 January 2013 .pdf
C2C external workshop P2/624 January 2013 .pdf
Appendix 4 - ENW Terms and Conditions18 January 2013 .pdf
Document B - Financial Assessment Form18 January 2013 .xlsx
Appendix 3 - Existing Customer Contract18 January 2013 .pdf
Appendix 2 - C2C Pricing Matrix18 January 2013 .xlsx
Appendix 1 - C2C Questionnaire18 January 2013 .xlsx
Document A - C2C Tender Supporting Notes18 January 2013 .pdf
Managed Connection Agreement NEW CUSTOMERS21 December 2012 .pdf
Managed Supply Construction and Installation Agreement21 December 2012 .pdf
White Paper - Circuit Selection21 December 2012 .pdf
Becoming a trial participant process21 December 2012 .pdf
Managed Connection Agreement EXISTING CUSTOMERS21 December 2012 .pdf
C2C Customer Seminar (slideshow)18 December 2012 .ppsx
C2C Customer Seminar (Print version)18 December 2012 .pdf
C2C frequently asked questions17 December 2012 .pdf
Project Progress Report No 213 December 2012 .pdf
Trade publication - C2C customer survey, E&T magazine 15 November 2012 .pdf
C2C customer leaflet v29 November 2012 .pdf
White paper - C2C customer survey31 October 2012 .pdf
C2C Trial Circuits31 October 2012 .pdf
C2C Project Glossary29 October 2012 .pdf
C2C presentation to LCNI conference - Electricity North West26 October 2012 .ppsx
C2C presentation to LCNI conference - Impact Research26 October 2012 .ppsx
Trade publication - C2C project update, Utility Week magazine30 September 2012 .pdf
C2C Connections Process27 September 2012 .pdf
C2C internal communications summary14 September 2012 .pdf
Customer Segmentation Report31 August 2012 .pdf
Customer Segmentation Report Peer Review27 August 2012 .pdf
ECP recruitment quotas31 July 2012 .pdf
ECP focus group discussion guide31 July 2012 .pdf
ECP recruitment screener31 July 2012 .pdf
ECP focus group stimulus31 July 2012 .pdf
List of trial HV circuits search23 July 2012 .xlsx
C2C customer leaflet12 July 2012 .pdf
IC Final Framework Methodology Peer Review9 July 2012 .pdf
Trial Circuit Selection Methodology29 June 2012 .pdf
List of trial HV circuits29 June 2012 .pdf
Application for definite derogation from ER P2/626 June 2012 .pdf
Customer Engagement Plan21 June 2012 .pdf
Project Progress Report No 118 June 2012 .pdf
Data Privacy Statement15 June 2012 .pdf
Functional design specification30 April 2012 .pdf