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Stakeholders have played an essential part in helping us develop our plan. They range from the domestic and commercial customers who depend upon our service, to local and national government and groups who represent various specific interests.

We have consulted widely through our ‘Switched on: North West’ campaign to better understand our stakeholders’ needs and priorities. We have analysed them, provided feedback, developed proposals and consulted upon them through an audited and accredited process, which is shown in the diagram below:

Stakeholder needs

Stakeholder Priorities

We have many different stakeholders and, not surprisingly, they express a wide range of needs and expectations. We would like to be able to accommodate them all, but in truth it is neither practical nor cost effective to do so. 

Our engagement process allowed us to gather, analyse and refine stakeholder input to our plan to determine the major issues which had the most support.

They are:

  • Reliability – ‘keeping the lights on’
  • Affordability – delivering exceptional value for money
  • Sustainability – managing and investing in our network to meet the challenges of the future

Our customers expect and demand a first class service when they need to contact or interact with us. We are responding to this by putting customers at the heart of our business and we promise to deliver their priorities with an exceptional level of Customer Service.

These “Stakeholder Priorities” are the foundation of our plan.

Download Section 3 (Process.pdf)

Stakeholder priorities