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Policies and technical references

This page provides a summary of policies and technical references applicable to making connections to the electricity distribution network.


Library of documents.

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Auto re-closing

Auto-reclosing employed on 132kV, 33kV, 11kV and 6.6kV networks.

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Grid code

Grid code for use of and connection to the national grid system.

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Power quality

Or policy on power quality.

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Network design policies

Policies for the design of the electricity distribution system.

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Telecontrol and system operation

Control and data acquisition system.

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Remote control and distribution automation for 11/6.6kV systems.

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Distribution code

Distribution code for use of and connection to electricity distribution systems.

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Network management

Actively managing the network.

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Protection systems.

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Earthing and fault levels

Earthing systems and design fault currents.

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Third party connections

General requirements for network extensions put into service by others.

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Are you a priority customer?

We appreciate that some customers have additional requirements and may have circumstances where a priority service is needed for a variety of reasons.

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Knowledge centre

Find answers to questions about Electricity North West, including details on electricity connections, power cuts and general enquiries

Check out frequently asked questions and our user guides.

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